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Study Abroad programmes

Student life

Studying is just part of your university experience. There are a number of ways to make the most of your time in the UK, meet local people and get to know your new home.

At the University of Exeter we offer:

  • Orientation programmes at the start of each semester help you to get to know the campus, the local area and other students
  • Our Global Chums mentoring scheme helps new students settle in
  • Dedicated personal tutor to support you throughout your time at Exeter
  • With over 300 societies and 50 sports clubs there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in university life
  • Our student unions are led by students for students. Get involved in fundraising, volunteering and award-winning student media
  • Credit and non-credit bearing English language support workshops and courses
  • Our campuses offer a safe environment with 24 hour campus security


Located in south west of England (2.5 hours by train from London).


Beautiful, green and safe campuses with fantastic facilities.

5th in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) table 2018-2019.


Over 200 clubs and societies, from Harry Potter to football, surfing, drama and dance


There are over 300 societies in Exeter and an additional 150 on our Penryn campus! Whatever your hobbies there will be a society that suits you, whether its debating, politics, baking, hummus or quidditch - there is a society for everything!

Societies are the best way to meet other like-minded students and get involved with student life. Societies will usually run a number of events each week, however this varies between societies. Some societies will also hold a large Ball or formal dinner at the end of term.

There are usually joining fees to become society members, for semester 2 this is usually discounted (so you do not pay the whole year price). Societies will also offer "stash" - clothes and accessories with the societies' branding for you to buy.

You can view a list of all societies below. We also recommend you look at society Facebook and Instagram pages which often have a lot of useful information about them and their events.

Exeter-based students

Check out the list of societies and groups and sports clubs available on campus, see what the Students' Guild have planned in the 'What's On' section across campus.

Penryn-based students

Check out the list of societies, sports and groups available on campus, see what Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union have planned in the 'What's On' section across campus.


Streatham and St Luke's Campus Exeter

University is good at Sport and have great sporting facilities for all students. Our teams compete for national titles in the BUCs Championships (British Universities and Colleges Sports league) – we are particularly strong in cricket, golf, hockey, lacrosse, rowing, rugby union, sailing, surfing, tennis and windsurfing. Exeter has over 50 sports clubs, plus fitness classes and a fitness centre with a 200-station gym.

There are a variety of different memberships you can sign up for if you do not want to join a club. For more information have a look at the Exeter Sport Website.

Penryn Campus

The facilities at our Penryn campus include a recently renovated 90 station gym, outdoor flood lit pitches and a large, versatile fitness studio which is used for a variety of fitness classes. You can read more about the facilities available membership options here.

Cost of living

It is estimated that a single student living in Exeter or Cornwall will need approximately £1023 a month to meet basic living expenses such as accommodation, food, books and equipment and other necessities. This figure is given as a guide only. The amount you actually spend will depend on your personal life style.

Academic Calendar

You can access the academic calendar here. To see the important dates before your arrival (application and accommodation deadlines included) please look at our Application Timeline.

2022/23 Semester 1

Suggested arrival 17-18 September 2022
Orientation & Freshers week 19-23 September 2022
Classes 26 September - 16 December 2022
Examinations 9 - 14 January 2023


2022/23 Semester 2

Suggested arrival 11-15 January 2023
Orientation 16 January 2023*
Classes 16 January - 31 March 2023 **
Examinations 2 May - 16 June 2023

*Pre-Orientation available to early arrivals on 13 January 2023
**Drama classes will begin the week previous