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Undergraduate Study


9th in the UK for world-leading and internationally excellent research*

Distinctive interdisciplinary approach with philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists working together in teaching and research

Flexibility to tailor your degree around your own interests

Opportunities to study abroad in Europe, the US, Australia and elsewhere

Philosophy offers excellent training in rigorous thinking, asking some of the questions most fundamental to human life.

Studying philosophy at Exeter will teach you to think rigorously, to defend your views in a clear and consistent way, to understand the why and what-for of different points of view and ultimately to develop a sharp, analytical and open mind. Based in the department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, our environment is unique. It allows for a productive fusion of the three subjects creating cross-over research domains such as the field of music, aesthetics and cognition, which researchers with diverse disciplinary training pursue together.

The thing I enjoyed the most about my degree was the way in which my professor encouraged me to use what we learnt in class as a platform to develop my own ideas.


Philosophy and Politics graduate