• Access to fast-track careers within the NHS and beyond
  • Multi-disciplinary approach, learning alongside other disciplines in the medical school and in clinical placements
  • Direct contact with the public from an early stage
  • The opportunity to be among the first graduates of a ground-breaking initiative from one of the world’s leading universities
  • Be part of a cohort of highly motivated and forward thinking students, supported by an academic team committed to your development
  • All the elements you must have to qualify and practise as an Adult Nurse

A new kind of programme, for a new kind of nurse.

Our Nursing programme is new for 2019 entry and is a four-year course leading to an MSci Nursing degree and registration as an Adult nurse, with the possibility for some students to achieve a dual registration in Adult and Mental Health Nursing.

Nurses make healthcare as healthcare is changing in the UK and around the world, the role of nurses is changing too. Nurses are occupying more and more senior positions across the healthcare sector – in management, policy-making, research and education. And, of course, nurses continue to be at the forefront of treating patients, in all sorts of settings; from working in ultra-modern super hospitals, to caring for the vulnerable at home, to providing critical support in refugee camps or countries affected by natural disasters.

Our aim is for Exeter Nurses to be outstanding in all areas of nursing, and healthcare more widely. The University of Exeter is committed to developing the future of nursing, and our radical vision is reflected in the structure and content of this programme.

The programme is structured around Exeter’s unique ‘six pillars’ of nursing: patient and public involvement; fundamental essentials of nursing care; evidence for practice; no health without mental health; leadership and management of healthcare; global health. By the time you have completed your studies you will be able to take your place anywhere as a highly professional nurse capable of leading exceptional, comprehensive, person centred and evidence-based care in a true partnership with the people you are caring for.

This programme is not for the faint-hearted! Exeter Nurses must be motivated, ambitious, dedicated and ready to challenge – and be challenged.

Exeter Nurses will shape the future of healthcare.

Accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

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