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Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Urban Analytics

Urban Analytics Theme Lead Dr Federico Botta 

Recent years have witnessed an increased urbanisation of the environment in which we live. The rapid increase in the number of people living in cities poses several challenges in the study of urban environments and of our behaviour. At the same time, there is a growing need to better understand our rapidly expanding cities, to monitor and reduce inequalities, to improve education and health levels, and to better understand human behaviour in urban environments. Traditionally, the study of cities, and particularly of the behaviour of people living in them, would have required carrying out expensive, large scale surveys, which are either too expensive or too time consuming to do at the scale required in the current, highly urbanised world. However, the increasing availability of new forms of data derived from smart sensors and from our interactions with large technological systems, such as the Internet, social media platforms and smart phones, allows us to use data science and AI to better understand cities and our behaviour in urban environments.  
This research theme is dedicated to exploring issues related to urban environments and urban systems, human behaviour and how data science can help us study cities. If you are interested in this theme, would like to get involved or would like to discuss about urban analytics, please get in touch! Contact Federico at 

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