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Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

IDSAI team

We carry out basic research in advanced data analytics, from foundations and method development to wider-ranging applications. In particular, our strengths are in climate, environment, sustainability and health. This work is underpinned by work on the philosophy of AI and the extent to which conceptual and ethical assumptions are built into algorithms.

The Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is overseen by the IDSAI Executive Board chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Impact), Professor Neil Gow FRS. The Board brings together the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Deans from all the University’s Faculties:

The two Co-Directors and the IDSAI Manager are also members of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board holds the full executive authority for IDSAI and looks to the Co-Directors to deliver on the Institute’s aim to drive exciting new interdisciplinary research and education.

The Executive Board is supported by IDSAI Senior Administrator Helen Chapman.

The IDSAI Management Group is responsible to the DVC for Research and Impact, Professor Neil Gow, and the IDSAI Executive Board for the effective running of the IDSAI.

The IDSAI Management Group is led by the IDSAI Co-Directors, Professor Miriam Koschate-Reis and Professor Mark Kelson and includes a Deputy Director of IDSAI and the IDSAI Manager.

The Management Group is supported by Helen Chapman, Senior Administrator, IDSAI.

The IDSAI theme leads build new communities and catalyse new interdisciplinary research activities in their areas. They are also a key point of liaison and information regarding the Alan Turing Institute.  

Information about each research theme area can be found here.


Lead Theme
Professor Tim Dodwell Data Centric Engineering 
Professor Sabina Leonelli Data Ethics, Governance and Openness
Dr Niccolo Tempini Data Ethics, Governance and Openness
Professor Leif Isaksen Humanities, Heritage and Creative Industries
Dr Federico Botta Urban Analytics
Dr Lewys Brace Security and Policing
Professor Oliver Hauser Behavioural and Experimental Data Science
Dr Fabrizio Costa Foundations of Data Science
Professor David Llewellyn Health
Dr Eilis Hannon Health
Dr Miriam Koschate-Reis Computational Social Science 
Dr Chico Camargo Computational Social Science 
Dr Chunbo Luo Remote Sensing 
Prof Hywel Williams Environmental Intelligence
Dr Janice Ranson Reproducibility
Prof Danny Williamson Uncertainty Quantification
Prof Peter Challenor Uncertainty Quantification
Prof Ed Keedwell Trustworthy AI
Dr Zhivko Zhelev Trustworthy AI
Dr Ke Li Trustworthy AI

The IDSAI Cornwall Research Hub is led by Dr Saptarshi Das and Dr Bram Kuijper.  It focussed on real-world data-driven fundamental and applied research in

  • machine learning,
  • big data analytics,
  • computational statistics and artificial intelligence (AI) methods to solve various challenges arising in control theory and optimisation,
  • dynamical systems,
  • signal, image and video processing,
  • large-scale and computing intensive numerical modelling with diverse application areas in renewable energy, environment, geosciences and mining engineering,
  • mathematical and computational biology,
  • epidemiology,
  • fluid dynamics,
  • biomedical engineering,
  • AI for industrial innovation and business,
  • space plasma physics/space weather.

It aims to facilitate co-ordination of cross-disciplinary theoretical and applied research on data science and AI in the context of regional expertise in Cornwall and internationally, by engaging with local and global industries, small and medium-size business and other stakeholders. We closely work with the colleagues from the Environment Mathematics (Enviro-Math)Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI)Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC)Camborne School of Mines (CSM)Renewable Energy and Energy Policy Group at the Penryn Campus, and the European Centre for Environment & Human Health (ECEHH) at the Truro Campus. In the ESI based data science and AI activities, we apply dynamical systems and control theory to issues in natural and human population demography, resource management, conservation ecology, biodiversity and environmental growth, and cyber-physical systems in the context of health and well-being.

The IDSAI Cornwall Hub aims to bring together diverse complementary expertise using both quantitative and qualitative data from physical, environmental, biological, medical, engineering, economic and social sciences in order to create new transdisciplinary collaborations and novel research project ideas.

Four new MSc applied data science courses 

Any informal queries from potential PGT, PGR, Post-doctoral students and industrial collaborators/SMEs can be made to Bram Kuijper and Saptarshi Das.

Turing Fellows are established scholars with proven research excellence in data science, artificial intelligence, or a related field. They contribute to new ideas, drive collaborative projects, secure external funding and provide research expertise which is actively connected with the Institute and its network of universities and industry partners.

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The University has created a centralised Research Software Engineering (RSE) group that will assist our research community with complex and bespoke research software needs.

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