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Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


The University of Exeter has a range of education opportunities in data science and AI.  For more information about the programmes available please select one of the buttons below.

I chose Data Science because I didn’t want to just focus on coding. Exeter is one of the only universities with a course that lets me combine my interests and passion in all areas, such as statistics and machine learning. 

Already during my first two months I’ve touched upon mathematics and the basics of programming. It’s really exciting and will open doors to a huge range of careers.

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Studying BSc Mathematics and Data Science at the University of Exeter

Technical short courses and training

The IDSAI aims to share and signpost colleagues to all the technical data science and AI training and short courses available at the University.   

For information about the training courses provided by colleagues from the Exeter Q-Step Centre, Exeter Data Analytics Hub, Exeter Biomedical Informatics Hub and the Doctoral College please visit our IDSAI resources page.

If you have any suggestions or requests for courses please contact us at

Doctoral Training 

Environmental Intelligence: Data Science & AI for Sustainable Futures

The University of Exeter's Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence: Data Science & AI for Sustainable Futures will pioneer new research in using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to understand the complex interactions between the environment, climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and health. The increasing availability of large and complex data sets from diverse sources, including environmental monitoring; satellite remote sensing; climate modelling; electronic medical records; and social media and contributions from citizen science, presents and exceptional opportunity to transform our understanding of both the effects of environmental change and our planet-transforming power.

Further information about all PhD and research degrees at Exeter can be found here