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Accommodation in Exeter

Couples and families

We understand that students have different responsibilities to manage as they embark on their University journey and we aim to provide a welcoming environment for all. Our accommodation options may not suit everyone and where possible we provide information to help students find non-University accommodation where needed.

Family accommodation 

Our residences are not suitable to accommodate students and their children, which means that any student bringing dependants will need to arrange accommodation elsewhere in the city. Our private accommodation webpages offer a wide range of advice about where to look, things to consider, a guide to the areas in and around Exeter and links to useful contacts. 

As the current demand for family accommodation in the South West of England exceeds the supply available, we advise that you do not bring dependants with you to Exeter unless you have already secured accommodation.  

Please be aware that if you accept a single room in university accommodation or in the private sector, even if you would like to move out later into more suitable family accommodation, you will still need to pay for the accommodation until the end of contract. Take a look at further information about accommodation paperwork on the private accommodation webpages.

Couples' accommodation

For the purposes of applying for university accommodation, we define a couple as a student who is registered (or will register) for a course at the University of Exeter and their partner. Couples' accommodation is not available for friends wishing to share.  

Find out how to apply for accommodation. Please note that only one application is required per couple. 

University couples' accommodation options include: 


Room type

Number of rooms/flats available 

Birks Grange Village

 Double studio 

King Edward Court

 Double flat 

The contract for these flats start on Sunday 15 September 2024 and if you should arrive before this date, you will need to find alternative accommodation until the contract starts. 

Our website provides lots of information about how and when to apply and how we allocate rooms

If your University accommodation application is unsuccessful, you will need to look for private accommodation outside of the University, but your details will be kept on a waiting list and you will be offered accommodation if a vacancy arises at a later date.