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Undergraduate Study


14th in the UK for Biological Sciences in The Complete University Guide 2022

11th in the world for Ecology in the ShanghaiRankings Global Rankings of Academic Subjects 2021

Explore the spectrum of biological and biomedical sciences, taught by internationally renowned experts in subjects at the frontiers of science.

Opportunities to undertake study abroad or a year’s placement in business or industry

Biosciences at Streatham Campus

Biosciences at Penryn Campus

Explore the spectrum of biological and biomedical sciences, taught by internationally renowned experts in subjects at the frontiers of science. You’ll learn subjects across biology such as evolution, conservation, ecology, whole organism biology, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, computational biology and biological chemistry.

Our teaching introduces new concepts in systems biology and describes how fundamental research is both commercialised in the biotechnology industry and applied practically in the fields of ecology and conservation.

We offer an extensive range of field courses in exciting local, national and international destinations. Students also have the opportunity to include a professional placement or a paid year in industry as part of their degree.

Being able to learn about real-world issues from the people researching them is amazing. The academics are really passionate about their subjects. The ecology lecturers, in particular, are brilliant. I can now fully appreciate the pressures facing the environment, and the world-class science going on in the background looking for the solutions.


BSc Biological Sciences with Professional Placement, Streatham Campus

The thing I enjoy most about my studies is when you take a module around a topic that really resonates with you. There’s nothing more empowering as a biosciences student than learning the ‘ins and outs’ of a topic area you’re wildly passionate about, taught by someone who’s made it their life’s work.


BSc Conservation Biology and Ecology, Penryn Campus