Falmouth Exeter Plus manages and/or delivers all shared services at the Penryn Campus. Go here for roombooking, IT service Desk, Parking, Estates and Facilities Helpdesk, and Security.

Weekly Bulletin

Find past editions of the Weekly Bulletin to keep you informed about issues relating to the University.

Information for Penryn Campus staff

The working here pages contain all staff-related information, including news, facilities, personnel and staff development information for all University of Exeter staff.

Penryn Campus-wide telephone directory, which captures staff telephone numbers from both University of Exeter and Falmouth University, as well as FX Plus.

https://phonedirectory.fxplus.ac.uk/ (only accessible from Penryn Campus IP addresses).

Events planning toolkit

The Events Planning toolkit includes checklists, templates and other resources to help event organisers. All University of Exeter staff and students are welcome to use and share this resource.

In addition, the Health and Safety Event Management Standard explains the actions that are required by any person defined as an organiser of events on University managed premises (including campus grounds).


  1. Planning an event
  2. Booking facilities and audiovisual equipment
  3. Guidance for online events
  4. Budget and costing events
  5. Marketing and publicity
  6. Risk assessments, Prevent and GDPR

Guidance for online events

  • Please visit our dedicated webpage for guidance on planning and organising an online event. This page provides more information, contact details for technical support, along with tips and links to external resources to help you plan and deliver an event online.

Upcoming events

Contact us

We welcome enquiries and suggestions to provide additional information as necessary. If you have any questions, please email eventenquiries@exeter.ac.uk or contact a member of the team.

Centrally Bookable Space

The FXPlus Room Bookings Team manage bookings in the centrally bookable space at the Penryn and Falmouth campuses.

To place a booking you can use the Web Room Bookings service.

Email: roombookings@fxplus.ac.uk 
Phone 01326 255813

Information about shared teaching spaces, including room photos, capacities and AV provision, can be found here.

Video Conferencing

If you wish to book a video conference meeting please send us an email, as Web Room Bookings cannot be used for this. Video conference meetings are available on the Penryn Campus in the Daphne du Maurier rooms, the Peter Lanyon rooms, the Exchange rooms and in the Tremough House Meeting Room.

Other bookable spaces

College Room Location Capacity Facilities Book
CLES Athenaeum room 3039
(Also staff room - not suitable for high profile or confidential meetings)
DDM floor 3, Biosciences Team 20-30

(Not supported by AV team)

Or contact a member of the CLES Admin team

CLES Aquarium room 3049 DDM floor 3, Biosciences Team 6  VC
(Not supported by AV team)

Or contact a member of the CLES Admin team

*ESI Richard Trevithick ESI floor 1 24 Boardroom
40 Seminar
3 sections of 8
01326 259490
*ESI Elizabeth Carne ESI floor 1 8


01326 259490
*ESI Frederick Davy ESI floor 2 5 AV
01326 259490

 * Please note the ESI meeting rooms cannot be booked for Undergraduate or Postgraduate teaching sessions and the use of the rooms should relate to Environment and Sustainability research.

Professional services

The Admissions and Student Recruitment team aim to attract and recruit high quality, dedicated students, regionally, nationally, and internationally, who wish to study at the Penryn Campus. The Student Recruitment team organise open days, UCAS conventions, campus tours, and outreach events, both on campus and in local schools. The Admissions team provide advice on requirements for each programme, and processes applications for all undergraduate and postgraduate applicants for the Penryn Campus.

You can send general enquiries to the team at cornwall@exeter.ac.uk, UG admissions enquiries to ugadmissions-cornwall@exeter.ac.uk, and PG admissions enquiries to pgadmissions-cornwall@exeter.ac.uk. Alternatively, you can call the team on +44 (0)1326 371801.

Student Recruitment Team

Jo Thacker Student Recruitment Manager j.thacker@exeter.ac.uk
Richard Prest Outreach Officer r.e.prest@exeter.ac.uk
Laura Drinkwater Outreach Officer l.drinkwater@exeter.ac.uk
Hayley McCormack Student Recruitment and Admissions Assistant h.l.mccormack@exeter.ac.uk
Claire Seymour WP and Student Recruiment Assistant claire.seymour@exeter.ac.uk
Hannah Goodfellow WP and Student Recruitment Assistant h.goodfellow@exeter.ac.uk
Rebecca Crews WP and Student Recruitment Assistant  r.h.crews@exeter.ac.uk
Charlotte Bailey Outreach Officer NSSW c.bailey@exeter.ac.uk
Jess Rule Outreach Officer NSSW j.rule@exeter.ac.uk

Cornwall Admissions Team

Hayley Edwards Admissions Officer h.edwards@exeter.ac.uk
Liz Hull Admissions Supervisor eah223@exeter.ac.uk
Kath Edwards Admissions Supervisor k.a.edwards@exeter.ac.uk
Claire Bastard-Pellew Admissions Supervisor c.bastard-pellew@exeter.ac.uk

International Student Advisor

Sarah Batchelor s.j.batchelor@exeter.ac.uk


The Cornwall Communications and Marketing team are responsible for both internal and external communications at the University's Penryn and Truro campuses. Collectively, we can assist you with press releases, webpages, social media accounts, newsletters, outreach events, advertising, public relations, and more. We work closely with colleagues in the central Communications and Marketing Service, FXPlus, and Falmouth University to support our staff and students.

Rachel Caunter Campaign Manager, Cornwall 01326 255166  R.Caunter@exeter.ac.uk PL A063
Alice Smith Communications and Marketing Officer 01326 255055 A.L.Smith@exeter.ac.uk PL A063
Emily Pellow Communications and Marketing Assistant 01326 259154 E.Pellow@exeter.ac.uk PL A063

Please note that media enquiries should be directed to the central Press Office via pressoffice@exeter.ac.uk or +44 (0) 01392 722391.


The Events Management team is responsible for delivering events ranging from building openings and guest lectures to VIP visits and holiday celebrations. It can provide assistance with many aspects of events, including selection of catering options, room bookings, signage, parking and transportation options, and itineraries.

Louise Misselbrook Events Officer 01326 371805 L.Misselbrook@exeter.ac.uk PL A063
Rai Lewis Community Events & Outreach Assistant 01326 255040 R.Bransgrove@exeter.ac.uk PL A063

Our Education Support Services team provides programme administration, support, and advice for all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students across all colleges on our Penryn Campus.

Our Penryn Information Desk is the first port of call for all student programme administration queries. You can e-mail info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk or pop in to see us at the Penryn Information Desk in Peter Lanyon Building (9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday).

We provide support and advice for the following:

  • Programme administration
  • Assignment submission and feedback
  • Mitigation and support
  • Timetable enquiries
  • Registration, unicards, and student letters
  • Examinations
  • Graduation ceremonies
Staff name ESS team role
Catriona Taylor Education Business Partner
Terri Stoddern Education Support Manager (HUB)
Alex Lewis Education Support Manager (Welfare)
Caroline Simons Senior Administrator (Graduation, Exams and Student Records)
Fiona Williams Education and Student Support Advisor (Welfare)
Liz Fath Education Support Advisor (HUB)
Debby Wright Student and Education Support Administrator
Bea Underwood Student and Education Support Administrator
Esme Tresidder Student and Education Support Administrator
Kayleigh Sandercock Student and Education Support Administrator
Melodie Oliver Student and Education Support Assistant
Holly Lawson Student and Education Support Assistant
Monique Clark Student and Education Support Assistant
Nicky Cocksedge  Student and Education Support Assistant
Tracey Burrell Student Education and Support Assistant (Welfare)
Sarah Paddock Senior Registry Assistant (Exams and Student Records)
Alex Green  Registry Assistant (Exams and Graduation)
Jo Shepherd PGR Support Officer 01326 213853 Jo.Shepherd@exeter.ac.uk PL A060
Sarah Hodson PGR Administrator 01326 255944 s.hodson@exeter.ac.uk
PL A060

The Cornwall finance team consists of members of both the Professional Services Financial Planning and Reporting Team and the Operations and Procurement Team. The team is based in Tremough House MG01, please feel free to come and see us.

Professional Services Financial Planning and Reporting Team

There are two Cornwall Accountants based on the Penryn campus dealing with the financial relationship management of the shared services partners across the campuses, including Falmouth University, FXPlus and The Falmouth and Exeter Student Union. We also more specifically deal with the budget management of the Cornwall Direct Services and Cornwall Capital Budgets. Close links are maintained with all finance teams in Exeter.

Kellie Martin Cornwall Accountant k.l.martin@exeter.ac.uk 01326 255793
Rachel Dower Cornwall Accountant r.c.dower@exeter.ac.uk 01326 214374

Operations and Procurement Team

The proactive central hub for all things Finance in Cornwall. We aim to engage, at the local level, with all staff and local suppliers, to ensure smooth running and value for money is achieved in purchasing. We are available to provide support with all areas of T1 including purchasing, expenses, advances & purchase card reconciling, as well as helping with anything you are unsure about.

Rob Aggett Procurement Operations Team Leader R.C.Aggett@exeter.ac.uk 01326 255748
Alison Webb Senior Buyer Cornwall-purchasing@exeter.ac.uk 01326 259394
Rachel Cole-Powney Buyer Cornwall-purchasing@exeter.ac.uk 01326 254189


Jo Thacker Field Trip Support Manager 01326 371801
Claire Seymour Field Trip Administrator -

Please see this page for essential information on planning field trips - UK and International Residential Field Course planning information

The Innovation, Impact, and Business team can offer tailored packages of support to suit the needs of business that range from large multinational organisations to microbusinesses. More information is available on the IIB pages.







Sharon Addinall Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence - Administrative Assistant Penryn M204 01326 255178 S.G.S.Addinall@exeter.ac.uk
Lisa Beverley-Jones Marine I Project Manager Penryn MG18 01326 215943 L.Beverley-Jones@exeter.ac.uk
Chloe Bines SMARTLINE Project Co-ordinator Truro   01872 258133 C.Bines@exeter.ac.uk
Alice Bird Mining Consultant SATApps Penryn M204 01326 253061 A.P.Bird@exeter.ac.uk
Emily Easman IPDO (Impact Partnership Development Officer) Penryn M211   E.Easman@exeter.ac.uk
Emma Bland SIPDM, Centre Manager ECEHH Truro   01872 258136 E.Bland@exeter.ac.uk
Dan Bloomfield Tevi Project Manager Penryn MG18 01326 255446 D.Bloomfield@exeter.ac.uk
Belinda Broughton  Smartline Project Manager  Truro   01872 258165 B.Broughton@exeter.ac.uk
Emily Davies Student Startups Penryn Various 07804520099 E.C.E.Davies@exeter.ac.uk
Colette Defoe IPDM (Impact Partnership Development Manager) Defence Penryn M211 01326 255818 C.Defoe@exeter.ac.uk
Emily Easman Exeter Marine Communications Officer Penryn     E.Easman@exeter.ac.uk
Dani Farrow Higher Level Skills Penryn MG18 01326 253124 D.M.Farrow@exeter.ac.uk
Conrad Gillespie Project Manager Centre of Excellence Satellite Applications Penryn M204 01326 255178 C.Gillespie@exeter.ac.uk
Ed Glucksman Tevi Project Co-ordinator Penryn MG18 01326 255447 E.Glucksman@exeter.ac.uk 
Amanda Goodwin Tevi Project Penryn MG18 01326 255446 A.Goodwin@exeter.ac.uk
Jim Grant SIPDM - Head of Business Development Cornwall Penryn MG19A 01326 253757 J.A.T.Grant@exeter.ac.uk
Ben Grigg Marine-i KE Manager Penryn MG18 01326 214363 B.Grigg@exeter.ac.uk
Ruth Gripper Inclusivity Project Knowledge Exchange Officer Truro   01872 258168 R.H.Gripper@exeter.ac.uk
Isabelle Housni Future Focus 2 Penryn MG18   I.M.Housni@exeter.ac.uk
Zoe Howard SMARTLINE Comms & Outreach Truro   01872 258140 Z.Howard@exeter.ac.uk
Alex Huke IPDM (Impact Partnership Development Manager) Penryn M211 01326 255844 A.R.Huke@exeter.ac.uk
Hollie Kirk Future Focus (UIP) KE Manager Penryn MG18 01326 214385 H.Kirk@exeter.ac.uk
Laura Lloyd Inclusivity Communications and Outreach Manager Truro   01872 258160  L.Lloyd@exeter.ac.uk
Laurie Magowan Inclusivity Project Manager Truro   01872 258160  L.Magowan@exeter.ac.uk
Claire Maye Tevi Project Administrator Penryn MG18 01326 255446 c.maye@exeter.ac.uk
Philippa Mina Future Focus 2 Impact Partnership Development Manager Penryn MG18   p.mina@exeter.ac.uk
Charlotte Mitchell SMARTLINE Administrator Truro   01872 258170 C.Mitchell4@exeter.ac.uk
Felicity Notley ESF WPtS Project Support Officer Penryn MG18 01326 253088 F.Notley@exeter.ac.uk
Nicholas Pearson Student Startups Penryn M211   n.pearson@exeter.ac.uk
James Rowberry SMARTLINE KE Officer Truro  

01872 258143

Nicola Rowe Marine-I Administrator  Penryn MG18 01326 255572  N.Rowe2@exeter.ac.uk
Ben Rowswell Tevi IPDM (Impact Partnership Development Officer) Penryn MG18 01326 255446 b.rowswell@exeter.ac.uk
Dave Rymer Tevi Project Co-ordinator Penryn MG18 01326 255224 D.Rymer@exeter.ac.uk 
Emma Seymour IPDM (Impact Partnership Development Manager) Truro   01872 258145 E.K.Seymour@exeter.ac.uk
Jodie West IPDM (Impact Partnership Development Manager)  Penryn   01326 255874 J.R.West@exeter.ac.uk
Devi Whittle Agritech IPDO (Impact Partnership Develoment Officer)  Penryn MG18 01326 259469 D.I.Whittle@exeter.ac.uk
Jim Williams Research Commercialisation Manager  Penryn M211 01326 255218 J.M.Williams@exeter.ac.uk
Susie Wood IIB Administrative Support Cornwall Penryn M204 01326 259238 S.C.Wood@exeter.ac.uk
Lucy Wright  Inclusivity Project Administrator Truro   01872 258168 L.L.Wright@exeter.ac.uk

The International Student Support Office is dedicated to advising and supporting non-UK students in a range of areas including:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Airport Collection Service (September)
  • Orientation programmes & events
  • Global Chums Cornwall mentoring scheme
  • One-to-one information and advice on immigration, visa extensions & post-study work visas
  • Supporting diversity events on campus
  • Your International Newsletter

Advice is offered free of charge and without discrimination. The service operates according to the UKCISA/AISO Code of Ethics for advising international students. Immigration advice meets the strict rules and standards of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Sarah Batchelor is the International Student Adviser based at the Penryn Campus and is the first contact for all International students based on the Cornwall campuses. You can read more about her role as 

Email: info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk with the subject line ‘For Sarah Batchelor’

Research Services provides support for researchers in Cornwall in a number of areas, including:

  • Funding advice
  • Bid development
  • Grant budget management

Our email addresses are:

cornwallresapps@exeter.ac.uk – for any enquiries about a grant application or general queries
cornwallresawards@exeter.ac.uk – for any enquiries about an existing grant
euresearch@exeter.ac.uk – for any enquiries about an EU grant application
raseu@exeter.ac.uk – for any enquiries about an existing EU grant

Staff nameRole
Sarah Ashton Research Development Manager (Biosciences)
Aliya Aslam Research Finance Administrator (CEMPS, CMH, Geography, HUMS, SSIS, UEBS)
Ruth Banyard Research Finance Manager (Cornwall)
Anna Bawden Research Development Manager (ECEHH, Geography (Physical), UEBS)
Alan Bray Research Finance Administrator (ESIF)
Guinevere Carter Research Finance Administrator (Biosciences)
James Harris Research Finance Administrator (ESIF)
Xiaolu Liu Research Finance Assistant Manager (ESIF)
Chloe Onoufriou Head of Research (Cornwall)
Jane Phelps Research Finance Assistant Manager (CEMPS, CMH, Geography, HUMS, SSIS, UEBS)
Lauren Pickard Research Finance Manager (ESIF)
Leanne Rattenberry Research Finance Administrator (EU Cornwall)
Jane Rowe Research Finance Assistant Manager (EU Cornwall)
Clare Rule Research Finance Assistant Manager (Biosciences)
Annie Sheen Research Development Advisor (HUMS, SSIS)
Shay Sigafoos Research Development Manager (CEMPS)

Academic colleges

The following Colleges are represented at our Cornwall campuses:

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences 

Including the Camborne School of Mines (CSM), Renewable Energy, Geology, and Mathematics

College of Humanities 

Including English, History and Flexible Combined Honours

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Including the Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC) (Biosciences), the Centre for Geography, Environment and Society (Geography), and Environmental Science

College of Social Science and International Studies 

Including Politics and Flexible Combined Honours

The Business School 

The Business School's BSc Business programme is a career-focused business and management programme based at our Penryn Campus

The European Centre for the Environment & Human Health,

Part of the University Medical School, is at The Knowledge Spa on our Truro Campus

College Services

Amie Fulton Director of Cornwall Operations 01326 371886
Ruth Grimmer Senior College Operations Officer, Cornwall 01326 371807
Helen Wonnacott Executive P.A to Dave Hosken & Amie Fulton 01326 371818
  Executive Office Administrative Assistant  01326 255761 
Ali Bearhop Programme & Education Coordinator (Business School) 01326 259259
Sally Bennett Senior College Administrator (CLES) 01326 255986
Jodie Sanderson P.A. to Head of Department (CLES) 01326 253596 
Cath Bissett Senior College Services Administrator (CEMPS) 01326 253589 
Keleigh Burgess College Administrator (HUMS and SSIS) 01326 255527


Mark Plummer Senior administrator (ESI) 01326 259252
Amrita Sharma PA to the ESI Director 01326 259424
Lydia Cooke (maternity cover) ESI Receptionist 01326 259490

Human Resources 

Sandra Johnson

Associate HR Business Partner

01326 259168

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity 

Rae Preston Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Advisor  01326 254090