Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable Energy at a glance

Renewable Energy combines energy generation from renewable sources with aspects of dynamic energy management systems, ICT, smart energy technologies and energy storage solutions.

Our programmes are well established in providing graduate engineers to the sector - we are the UK’s longest running undergraduate course with over a decade’s worth of experience.

These degrees are engineering-focused to meet the needs of the clean energy sector, and also include business and managerial skills.

Links with a wide variety of companies allow us to offer these programmes with substantial backing from the industry.

Local commercial renewables developments, together with field trips, including a week long international trip and a 2-3 month work placement, provide a practical context that complements the taught material.

Graduate profiles: Hugo Tilmouth and Hakeem Buge, creators of ChargedUp

What our students say

Sara Abdel Ahad

“The Energy Engineering course is very enjoyable because we get really practical, doing lots of hands on work building solar panels and putting them together. My favourite part of studying here is when we worked on group projects building things. I felt like I was actually applying all the knowledge I have learned and put it in to practice.”

Matias Bertola

“The Renewable Energy course at Exeter gives you many opportunities as there’s many links within industry. The new facilities are awesome. People will get hands on very quickly. The lecturers are very supportive and the contact was so easy and encouraged. There is real, genuine contact between the students and lecturers which is great.”

Joe Robinson

“The renewables programme at Exeter is one of the best in Europe. It doesn’t specialise straight away leaving you a great opportunity to see what interests you before specialising yourself in the final year. The facilities and links that the university offers, vastly exceeds similar programmes I had looked into.”

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