BA Modern Languages: Italian

Studying Italian at the University of Exeter brings you into contact with one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. You can study across a broad range of topics or follow particular pathways that interest you most, including Italian film, current literature, linguistics including dialectology, or Italy’s political history. If you are not yet sure which area of Italian interests you, our introductory options in your first year will give you a flavour of the directions of study you might want to pursue.

We offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere and high quality teaching. Our research interests will give you access to a wide range of aspects of Italian culture that we are passionate about. We value our extensive contacts with universities and other institutions in Italy as part of the Erasmus scheme; thanks to these exchanges there is a constant presence of Italian students in our Italian team, giving our department a distinctive atmosphere (and making Italian the language of much of day-to-day life).

If you choose to spend your year abroad in Italy, you may want to take advantage of our exchanges with universities such as Bologna- Forlì, Padova and Venice; or you might apply for a job teaching English under the scheme run by the British Council. Other students apply for work placements, for which you can currently apply part-funded to the EU’s Erasmus Work Placement scheme. By the end of your degree you will have developed strong skills in spoken and written language and a deeper understanding of another culture and people.

Degree programmes

You can study Italian through four pathways:

  • choose to study Italian modules only and graduate with a BA in Italian
  • with one or two other languages (eg, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish) as part of our BA Modern Languages degree
  • With Arabic, Art History and/or Visual Culture, Classical Studies, English, Film Studies, History, International Relations, Politics, Philosophy or Sociology as part of one of our Combined Honours Programmes
  • or with a bespoke selection of subjects as part of our Flexible Combined honours programme