BA Modern Languages: Russian

Russia has long been a significant cultural and political force and will undoubtedly continue to play a major role in 21st century culture, history and politics. Russian currently ranks fifth in the number of speakers worldwide and is one of the six official languages of the UN. Studying Russian at the University of Exeter gives you the opportunity to learn about a centuries-old culture which has had an enormous influence on our own view of the world. You will be able to experience some of the great works of literature and art, as well as exciting, lesser-known novels and poems that make up much of Russian cultural life. You will also be able to study Russia’s past, with modules specialising in the tumultuous history of the country.

The BA Modern Languages: Russian course at Exeter offers a vibrant and inspiring place to study Russian. You’ll work within a supportive study environment which stimulates enjoyment of the language and independent study. In addition to theoretical learning, you will undertake intense practical language training. Over four years, you will develop fundamental language skills such as reading, speaking, translating and writing, learning to perfect the delicate nuances of intonation, tone and inflection in your voice to become a skilled linguist. You will be taught by experienced language specialists and academic staff at the forefront of their disciplines. We’ll provide you with challenging intellectual training (from leading experts in a range of research fields) as well as personal and work skills that are essential for employment after you graduate. Students can also take advantage of the excellent facilities in the Foreign Language Centre.

The University of Exeter has one of the leading and most respected centres for Modern Languages in the UK, ranking top 10 in all major UK university league tables for the subject and ranking 4th for overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2017. In your third year, you will spend time in Russia to gain greater competence in the Russian language, further your knowledge of Russian culture and society, and develop your capacity for independent learning. Choose to study at one of our renowned partner universities in Moscow, St Petersburg and other areas across Russia including Siberia and Tatarstan, teach English as part of a British Council placement or gain valuable employment experience and practical applied learning by working abroad. 

By the end of your degree, you will have acquired a diverse and transferable set of skills and intercultural awareness that are highly sought after by employers. Modern Language degrees offer a broad range of career paths in translation, linguistics, teaching and across multiple other industries. Recent graduates are now working in areas such as marketing and communications, project co-ordination, journalism and finance.

Degree programmes

You can study Russian through three pathways:

  • with one or two other languages (eg, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish) as part of our BA Modern Languages degree
  • with Arabic, Art History & Visual Culture, Classical Studies, English, Film Studies, History, International Relations, Politics, Philosophy or Sociology as part of one of our Combined Honours Programmes
  • or with a bespoke selection of subjects as part of our Flexible Combined honours programme 

Programme variations