Philosophy Combined Honours

Philosophy may be studied in Exeter with a wide range of other subjects including Classical Studies, History, Politics, Sociology, Theology or with a Modern Language (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish). Your work is divided evenly between the two subjects, with the philosophy modules appropriate to the combined degree. The programmes are designed so that there are no differences in the workload in comparison to the Single Honours degrees.

For details of the individual Combined Honours programmes, please see the relevant programme page for each combination.

BA Liberal Arts

You can study Philosophy as part of our Liberal Arts programme. To find out more about Liberal Arts, please see the Liberal Arts website.

Flexible Combined Honours degrees

This innovative Combined Honours scheme enables you to combine modules from a number of different fields of study not otherwise available through an existing Combined Honours programme. You can combine Philosophy with up to two other subjects from an extensive list. Throughout your degree you will be given regular support to help you choose the most appropriate pathway for you. Further information and the full list of available subjects can be found on the Flexible Combined Honours scheme webpages.

Study abroad

If you take Philosophy with a modern language you will normally spend your third year abroad.

For other degrees, you may study for half a year at a partner institution in Europe, North America or Australia, or follow a four-year ‘with Study Abroad’ programme which allows you to spend your third year abroad. You may apply directly for the four-year programme or transfer from another programme once you are at Exeter. Full details of these schemes and of our partner institutions can be found on the Study Abroad page on our website.