BA Modern Languages: German

The study of German at the University of Exeter is characterised by a wide-ranging approach to the society, literature and culture of the German-speaking world, in particular Germany and Austria. These countries have a rich cultural past and play a crucial role at the heart of today’s Europe. The German language, which can be studied both at post A level and beginners’ level, is a passport to a diverse community of 100 million speakers, to a treasure-house of European culture and to a major economy whose political and diplomatic influence reaches across the world.

The German department at Exeter is small enough for us to know our students well, yet our teaching and research have a very broad reach. Our research interests feed directly into your undergraduate degree programme, ensuring that you have access to the latest knowledge and ideas. Our teaching includes classics of literature, film and thought but also the study of museums and exhibitions, cultural memory and urban culture.

Social activities, plays and film screenings are organised by the student-run German Society. In addition to the resources of the University Library, our modules are supported by online material and a wide range of electronic learning materials in German in the Foreign Language Centre.

The programme at Exeter offers you a thorough intellectual training in German language, literature and culture, while allowing a substantial degree of flexibility.

During each of the three years you spend in Exeter, you will follow a module in written and spoken German, which includes regular classes with trained native speakers. You will also have the opportunity to study abroad at top universities in Germany and Austria, including Vienna, Tübingen and Humboldt University in Berlin; enriching your understanding of German and giving you an unparalleled experience.

Degree programmes

You can study German through four pathways:

  • choose to study German modules only and graduate with a BA in German
  • with one or two other languages (eg, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish) as part of our BA Modern Languages degree
  • With Arabic, Art History & Visual Culture, Classical Studies, English, Film Studies, History, International Relations, Politics, Philosophy or Sociology as part of one of our Combined Honours Programmes
  • or with a bespoke selection of subjects as part of our Flexible Combined honours programme