MA Classics and Ancient History : Ancient Politics & Society

Programme overview

This research stream draws you into the exciting (and sometimes subversive) world of ancient politics in its social and cultural setting. Questions you might be expected to think about are why (paradoxically) tyranny is central to democracy, how leaders are heroic, and what is the political and cultural significance for identity of memories about the homeland and ideas about leaving, and returning, home.

Core staff

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Recent projects

  • Democracy & Tyranny
  • Migration, identity and place
  • Black Sea history
  • Macedon and the Hellenistic world
  • Heroes and leaders

Indicative list of modules

  • Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity
  • Gods among men: Leadership in Ancient Greece
  • Hellenistic Culture and Society – History
  • Migration and the Migrant through ancient and modern eyes
    Roman Myth
  • Visions of Rome: Uses and Abuses of the eternal city