MA Classics and Ancient History : Classical Receptions

Programme overview

Classical reception studies is understood broadly as the interpretation, representation, appropriation, translation, reconstruction, and/or revision of Greek and Roman antiquity - and the study of the classical tradition feature prominently in Classics at Exeter, with several members of staff actively engaged in studying receptions of Greek and Roman antiquity across different periods, societies, and media.

Current research projects, expertise, and teaching provision focus in particular on: the reception of classical antiquity in the visual and performing arts; antiquity and postmodernism; antiquity in political discourse from the 19th century onwards;  the reception of the ancient medicine and the classical body; classical reception in Victorian England; German philhellenism; classics and the history of sexualities; ancient and modern theories of literature and rhetoric.

Core staff

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Recent projects

  • Sexual knowledge
  • Sexual history
  • Heroes and leaders

Indicative list of modules

  • Roman Myth
  • The Western Dragon in Lore, Literature and Art 
  • Visions of Rome: Uses and Abuses of the eternal city