MA Classics and Ancient History : Cultural Histories & Material Exchanges

Programme overview

Modern observers continue to be amazed by the extent of movement in the ancient world - of people, objects and ideas. Such movement is most apparent in the visual and material culture that survives from the ancient world - be it embodied in the plethora of influences in art and monumentality, attestations of mobile people in inscriptions, or finds of portable items and commodities at great distances from their sources.

Our research examines in what ways ancient mobility contributed to the shaping of distinctive cultures, economies and societies in antiquity, as well as the implications for living in a truly globalised and interconnected ancient world, from Classical Athens and the Hellenistic era to the Roman empire and Late Antiquity, with geographical expertise ranging from Egypt and the Black Sea to Italy and the western Roman provinces.

Core staff

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Recent projects

  • Migration, identity and place
  • Globalisation and the Roman world
  • Urban labour and the Roman economy
  • Mapping the social history of Rome

Indicative list of modules

  • Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity
  • Hellenistic Culture and Society - History
  • History through Art and Archaeology
  • Migration and the Migrant through ancient and modern eyes
  • Rome: globalisation, materiality
  • The City of Rome (BSR)