MA Classics and Ancient History : Literary Interactions

Programme overview

Greece, Rome, and the Near-East were literary cultures. They privileged, examined and questioned, and parodied a remarkably diverse, sophisticated range of literary output. Our research investigates the dynamics of that ancient literary culture. Our expertise covers both classical Greek drama, as well Latin poetry and prose, Christian and pagan literature from the imperial period, as well the reception of classical literature in the modern and post-enlightenment worlds.

Core staff

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Recent projects

  • The Ancient Bibliocosm
  • Cataloguing Damnation

Indicative list of modules

  • Ancient Drama in its Social and Intellectual Context
  • Ancient modernism
  • Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity
  • Hellenistic Culture and Society – Literature
  • Roman Myth
  • The Western Dragon in Lore, Literature and Art



Research streams

  • Ancient Philosophy, Science & Medicine
  • Ancient Politics & Society
  • Classical Receptions
  • Cultural Histories & Material Exchanges
  • Literary Interactions