MA English Literary Studies : American and Atlantic Studies

Pathway overview 

The MA English Literary Studies: American and Atlantic Studies offers the opportunity to specialise in transatlantic perspectives on American literature, culture, film and music as part of our flexible MA programme, which has one of the broadest ranges of modules in the UK and expertise across all areas of the discipline.

You will be joining a vibrant intellectual community of over 100 postgraduate students in the Department of English, renowned for internationally excellent research and for its high rates of student satisfaction.

This pathway has been designed to address the transformation of research into the literature and culture of the United States by globalisation and the demise of the theory of American exceptionalism. Interdisciplinarity is encouraged to equip you with the capacity to interrogate the range of investments, criticisms, and antipathies that emerge within transatlantic exchanges between Britain, Europe and America. We also have strong links with the Centre for Latin American Studies.

Your postgraduate studies will be grounded in a selection of taught modules, supported by a highly commended research training programme, and will lead to a dissertation supervised by an authority in your area of interest. In addition to a unique library and a wealth of archival and research resources, you will have access to two of the finest research collections in the country: The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum and The American Music Collection, the largest outside of America.

The MA programme is designed to foster critical thinking and a spirit of intellectual enquiry, and provides comprehensive training in independent research. You will be equipped with a set of skills suitable for many careers, which will also form an ideal foundation for further doctoral research.