MA History: Medical History pathway

Programme features

  • An excellent education in medicine, occupation and health, the body and sexuality over a broad timespan from medieval to modern
  • Based in the Centre for Medical History, supported by the Wellcome Trust to hold workshops bringing together students from across the UK to debate the latest research on issues in medical history
  • Up to two MA bursaries usually available funded by the Wellcome Trust
  • Work-related module available for health practitioners
  • Joint seminar programmes offering opportunities to benefit from participation in a very wide range of research cultures and specialisms
  • Links with the University of Exeter Medical School to integrate the history of medicine and medical practice with current medical issues and research

Programme overview

The MA History: Medical History offers a multidisciplinary study of the history of medicine. The programme explores a broad definition of medicine and involves the study of the role of modern medicine in the workplace, its international context, the histories of the body and sexuality, health and welfare and evolutionary biology. It integrates the history of medicine and medical practice with contemporary issues in occupational and environmental health. You will study a variety of modules reflecting both the range of research interests within the Centre for Medical History and the Department of History, and the very broad timespan - from medieval to modern - in which teaching staff have expertise. The programme may also include a work-related supervised module for active health practitioners wishing to undertake further study in the history of medicine.

Total credits required: 180

Compulsory modules

HISM169 Theory and Practice of History I 15
HISM170 Theory and Practice of History II 15
Dissertation in History
Dissertation in History


Optional modules

You will be able to select option modules from the choice available - please note the selection does vary annually.

HISM031 Gender, Society and Culture in Early Modern England 30
HISM033 Fieldwork in Medical History 30
HISM034 Medicine in Medieval and Early Modern England 30
HISM164 The Darwinian Revolution 30
HISM171 Organising Knowledge in Early Modern Europe 1500-1800 30
HISM200 Work Health and State 1830-1950 30
HISM205 Health and Medicine in Modern Britain 30
HISM406 Witchcraft in History 30
HISM416 Medicine and Society in the Middle Ages 30
HISM477 Sexual Discoveries: Reception of 'Erotica' From 'other' Cultures in 19th & 20th Centuries 30

Please visit our modules page for further details.